Saturday, 28 January 2012

Blog Sale

Like most girls out there we buy things on a whim or just because we like the look of it but then end up not using them or forgetting about them. Instead of having the items sat there doing nothing I thought Id do a blog sale.

UK P&P is £1.50 for one item and £2.00 for two (or more). The first comment gets the item, just add the item you are wanting and your email address for me to invoice you. Please pay within 24 hours of invoice. No returns. I will clean all products appropriately.

 MAC studio moisture tint,colour - medium, used once, £15

 Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation, colour - 71 abricote clair, used twice, £4,
Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, colour - 51 light vanilla, used around 3/4 times, £4

 Natural Collection shineaway foundation, colour porcelain, unused, £1
ELF tinted moisturiser, colour - porcelain, used once, £2

 Rimmel match perfection foundation, colour -100 ivory, used twice, £3.50
Avon ideal shade foundation, colour - ivory, used once, £3

 Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream (50ml), used once, £14

Revlon matte lipstick colour - 001 nude attitude, used once, £2

 New cid cosmetics i-dazzle shimmering loose powder, colour - 01 gold pearl, used once, £8

Urban Decay brow box, colour - gingersnap, both colours swatched and also the wax, includes angled brush but without tweezers, £5

 Avon true colour eyeshadow palate, tiger's eye, colours swatched once, £3

Ashlie x

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