Friday, 13 January 2012

New finds...

Just wanted to share a couple of new things that I've been loving lately.

Benefit Powda Wowza and Maybelline 24hr super stay concealer - light 2

The blush palette contains coralista, hoola and bella Bamba. I received this for xmas (thanks georgia).The one I've been loving the most is bella Bamba. It is so vibrant so I only need a bit of product.They smell great too! I love how all three shades are so different,there's a coral,pink and bronzer.This is great for travelling!

I recently ran out of my collection 2000 concealer so decided to try something new as I didn't think the collection 2000 was 'all that' and I'm so pleased I tried this Maybelline one! It's great coverage without looking Cakey and stays for as long as I need it too!

The swatches in order - coralista, bella Bamba and hoola.

Anyone else tried these products,what are your views?

Ashlie x

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