Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mac Face and Body Foundation Review

 Mac Face and Body Foundation - C1
120ml £25.50


I have wanted to try this foundation for a long time but was in too minds. I had read reviews etc and was aware that the coverage was low. I hate foundations which are cakey and much prefer lighter foundations such as tinted moisturisers but I don't have the most amazing skin so was sceptical. After a lot of humming and hahing I thought with a good concealer Id give it a go. So as a treat from my boyfriend I went for it and I am so glad I did. I know us girls are always trying new things and even when we find something we like we cant help trying other things but I can safely say I love this foundation and this will now always be my fall back foundation.

Its £25.50 but you get 120ml (its seriously humongous!) I'm in the colour C1 (my local mac counter doesn't actually stock it so had to buy it online, luckily the shade was right, phew)

Mac says: It is a water based/water resistant foundation that provides natural coverage for face and body,provides sheer, natural looking coverage in an easy to blend formula, it contains several emollients to help moisturise the skin.

How I apply
As its water based you have to give it a good shake before applying. The consistency is very watery but as you blend it into the skin it thickens up. It does have a smell to it but isn't anything horrible and it doesn't stay on the skin. I first applied this with a real technique buffing brush but have recently found that applying with the fingers leaves amazing coverage and an even better finish.

It is definitely a very natural looking foundation that gives a glowing dewy finish.Its definitely a 'my skin but better' foundation.

My thoughts
Overall I really love this foundation, even though the coverage isn't high I love the finish it gives and I just use concealer on the areas I need it and its perfect.  Its so lightweight, moisturising and easy to apply. I definitely recommend powder (mainly t zone area) as it can look overly shiny in these areas but when left on its own on the cheeks the glow is really pretty. My skin type is usually dry/sensitive and this hasn't affected my skin at all unlike some foundations in the past. The bottle is huge so should last quite a while. I have found it long lasting, I usually just have to top up with a little powder later in the day to avoid looking too shiny.I haven't used this yet as a body foundation but know many people love it for that too.

Hope this has helped anyone who is thinking about purchasing this or you are now just want to give it a try, my it now :)

Ashlie x

Monday, 16 April 2012


So,apologies for being MIA lately,I will be back shortly with a mac face and body foundation review so look out for that.Also any requests for posts you would like to see just leave a comment and I will see what I can do.

If anyone is interested I'm now on instagram (still a newbie) but will be posting pics on there,if anyone wants a nosey my username is ashliejadex. Anyone who wants to share there username,leave a comment and I will definitely take a look.

Hope everyone is well.Until my next post...

Ashlie x