Friday, 4 November 2011

October favourites!

Here are are few things I have been loving throughout October. ..

Avon True Colour blush in soft plum

I love this blusher, its a lovely pink/plum colour. You do have to be careful when applying as the colour can be quite bold if there is too much product. The thing I love most about it is it really does last all day!!

e.l.f cream blush in Temptress

I LOVE this cream bronzer, the texture is so smooth and easy to apply and the colour is just the right shade for me as I dont like bronzers that are too dark as I am so pale. Its a great size and a great budget price! I will definately be checking out one of there pink shades in future!

No7 Midnight Enhancement Blusher

Ive also been loving this No7 blusher this month, I purchased this late october but have been loving it ever since I got it (I used the boots No7 voucher towards it - bonus!). As you can see there are three shades, pink, plum and a highlight shade. I just love the flush of colour it leaves over the cheeks.

 MUA lipstick in shade 11

I purchased this lipstick a few months ago but never really gelled with it but rediscovered it this month and have been loving it. Now, I love red lipstick but dont feel they dont suit me at all, thats why I love this lipstick as its more of a brown shade with red in it so isnt too over powering. The texture is nice nd smooth and stays on a while too and for only £1 i couldnt be more pleased! Its also doesnt have that awful smell/taste that cheap lipsticks usually have.
 Barry M nail paint - 115 red black
Barry M nail paint - 292 navy

As its now Autumn, coming up to winter ive switched to darker shades for my nails and ive been loving these two Barry M ones. I apply two coats and love the colour it leaves especially the red black, I think its a really interesting colour it looks red/black/brown all at the same time! Im a big fan of Barry M nail polishes I love the colours they bring out and think they last quite a while. I found the red black to last the longest out of the Barry M polishes I own.

 e.l.f eyebrow treat and tame - dark

Ive been using this on my eyebrows more and more recently and really like it. I dont tend to use the clear end which is for holding your eyebrows in place as well as treating them for regrowth but the end with the wand is a great colour match and like how you just comb it through the brow to leave them filled in and in shape!

L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil

I received this in September's Glossybox and didnt use it straight away but this month ive been using it everytime I wash my hair, I run it through the end of my hair when damp and then blow dry etc and it leaves my hair so soft and silky. I like to add it to the ends sometimes when its dry too to add shine. I think this is really good and love how a little goes  long with with oil so will last a long time. I really want to try the Morrocan hair oil one day too (its added to my looong list of future buys) as im sure if I love this I will really love that!

I wonder what treats I will have next month for my favourites...

Ashlie x

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