Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spring nails

As the UK has warmed up a little Ive been reaching for lighter shades for my nails, I love the pastel trend especially on the nails, these are some of my favourite colours at the moment.

 Barry M Peach Melba (318), Barry M Berry I/C (308), 17 Sweet Kisses, Barry M Blueberry I/C (306), Barry M Mint Green (304)

Peach Melba and Berry Icecream are definitely the ones I reach for the most, I never get bored of them.

I apply Seche Vite (dry fast top coat) over the top and I could not rave about this product enough, its amazing. I finally got around to buying it a few weeks ago and it is the best top coat I have ever used. I can go a week without my polish barely chipping and I'm really not one for waiting around while the polish  dries and I end up annoyingly smudging it but with this it dries almost instantly *love*

What are your favourite nail polishes at the moment?

Ashlie x


  1. i love pastel colours and BarryM is in favourite xo

  2. I love Peach Melba! While in Boots today I was tempted to get Mint Green but for some reason didn't... It looks lovely x

  3. I bought it quite a while ago but didn't like it straight away but love it now X

  4. Obsessed with pastel colours at the moment, have you checked out Mac's new colours, just brought a lilac pink. Thanks for the Seche Vita review, always wanted to buy it. :)

  5. Your welcome! No I haven't,will have to check them out,thanks x