Saturday, 17 March 2012

Soap & Glory's Wish Upon a Jar Review

Wish upon a jar, 50ml, £15.00

So as you know I got this for my birthday last month. I wanted to try this ever since I heard about it on MissBudgetBeauty youtube channel . It made a firm place on my birthday list and with this in hand my boyfriend first thought he was looking for a soap because of the name, ha!

Here's what it claims:

- Boots moisture levels
- Fights fine lines and wrinkles
-Hide flaws
-Moisture boosting

With Youthfake diamond spheres to illuminate the skin and minimise the visual aspects of lines, wrinkles, shadows, large pores, pigmentation and discolouration.

For best results use under or as your facial moisturiser twice daily for 21 days straight. When the course is complete revert back to your favourite daily moisturiser.

I think you then leave it for 3 months and again repeat the 21 day treatment.

So, first of all I used this as directed for 21 days, twice a day, which I'm quite surprised that I didn't forget at least once (yay me!). My skin type is dry/sensitive. First off, don't be put off by the price, it is quite expensive but as its a 21 day treatment it will last a long time and you only need a small amount. First of all I think the packaging is cool. The cream itself is pink and smells amazing, it smells just like Terry's chocolate orange so if your not a fan of that smell this wouldn't be something for you however I love it! The cream is a thick consistency but doesn't feel thick or greasy on the skin.

After 21 days of using this I absolutely love it. It has definitely improved my skin in terms of texture and appearance. My skin feels so smooth after using this and just generally looks healthier. As I am only 24 I luckily don't have fine lines or wrinkles as yet  but I do have a few areas of acne scarring and the appearance of this has definitely improved. Also, whilst using this I didn't get any blemishes which is something I usually do suffer with.

In my opinion this cream is AMAZING it definitely helps your skin look and feel better, I don't have anything bad to say about the cream at all.

Hope this has helped anyone who has been thinking about buying it.

Has anyone else tried this, thoughts?

Ashlie x


  1. I've never really heard anything about it but it sounds really interested, and it's great to see that you had positive results from it too! I shall try and check this out soon as I have dry skin too :) xo

  2. If you do I hope you like it as much as me :)
    Ashlie x

  3. Quite pricy but am wanting to try this just to see how good it is. Great blog, just started followingxxx