Saturday, 3 March 2012

Chanel Vs ELF cream blush

E.L.F Cream blush in Temptress, Soleil Tan De Chanel

I thought Id compare these two products, even though they are from completely different ends of the spectrum are a similar sort of product and thought it would be interesting to see if the infamous Soleil Tan Del Chanel really is "all that".

 So here are the products side by side (please excuse the mess my brush has made to the products)

Here they are swatched, ELF on the left and then Chanel on the right

£6.50 - 15g
Packaging - Square glass pot, pretty basic but I do kind of like this about ELF products
Product itself - Mousse consistency, brown (no orange tone), no shimmer, blends easily
How I apply - Any blush brush
Pay off - Good pigmentation, no orange
Smell - no smell really
Overall - I really like this product and will definitely get more colours in the future. It doesn't blend as well as the chanel as its not as creamy but does give a really nice bronzed effect and for £6.50 you really cant complain.

£29 - 30g
Packaging - Plastic round tub, is pretty mainly because of the chanel logo
Product itself - Creamy consistency (so smooth), brown/orange, no shimmer, blends really easily
How I apply - ELF stipple brush
Pay off - I find this very orange toned and find its only controlled when using my Elf stipple brush I really have to be careful not to add too much product or it looks like I am just walking around without my make up blended in properly or I have fake tanned very badly!!
Smell - does have a smell to it, I do like it its not horrible but could maybe bother some people
Overall - I really do like this product, I prefer the creamy consistency rather then the elf's mousse consistency but find when its applied properly its really pretty but if applied wrong its really really wrong and its not hard to do this because the product itself is just very orange toned. In my opinion I wouldn't say its worth as much hype as it has had over the years but is still a nice product even with that said.  

This is obviously just my opinion but thought it might be helpful to those who are maybe contemplating buying the Chanel bronzer. As I said I do really like the product but that maybe its labelled as amazing more because of its brand than anything else and maybe other cream bronzer are just as nice.

Have you tried either of these, what are your thoughts?

Ashlie x


  1. Loved reading this.. have been contemplating this product since the beginning of all the hype, but couldn't justify the price tag for a bronzer.. now I'm glad I haven't gone for it as there ARE other products out there.. plus I hate orangey toned bronzing products, I don't find them very flattering on my skin tone.

    Tiff xx

  2. Glad you enjoyed.some things are abit too over hyped sometimes x

  3. I Unfortunetly gave into the hype, but do love my Chanel, I'll still be checking out the elf, do wear for work. I like to save the Chanel for special occasions:)

    New follower :)