Sunday, 12 February 2012

Soap & Glory's Hocus Focus

 Soap & Glory Hocus Focus instant visual flaw-softening lotion

The bottle reads
'use Hocus Focus alone as a cheekbone highlighter, mixed with moisturiser as a gorgeous skin brightener, or blend 2-3 pumps into your foundation. For a youthful, dewy, luminous look.'

I bought this product around the middle of last year, used it a couple of times then forgot about it again, until recently that is and I have fell in love with it. I apply this under my foundation and it just illuminates the skin and gives a lovely glow. I sometimes apply it to my cheeks as a highlighter but I do prefer it as just a base. I have also used it mixed in with my foundation but I find applying it on its own (using the same brush as my foundation) works better for me.

 Here's what the product looks like.

Here's what the product looks like blended in (as much as the camera will pick up)

I would definitely recommend this product, it is quite pricey at £13.00 but its 30ml and you only need a little. I have been using this everyday lately and will definitely be using it in the summer months to help give me a lovely glow in the sun.

Has anyone else tried this? What are your thoughts?

Ashlie x 


  1. I love this! It gives the skin such a lovely glow :)

  2. Haven't tried this but I do love Soap and Glory so I'm sure I'll get around to it one day! xo

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  6. I love this product too. It looks amazing when I mix it with my moisturiser.


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